Are you still working with pen and paper to build your list of who attended? Digitally managed check-in can easily handle 1 person every 10 seconds

Are You Running An Event Registration Desk From Last Century?

What is the current problem with registration?
The traditional registration staff member can handle a single person at a time. An average check-in can take 20–40 seconds. That means to get 100 people who turn up simultaneously past the registration within 10 minutes you need 7 full-time staff to get all those people through the door.

If you are running a trade show or exhibition, this isn’t a big issue as people are turning up whenever they feel like it. But if you are running a “confibition”, conference, seminar or anything that revolves around an agenda, you are likely to have a period at the start of the day dedicated to registration.

Nobody likes waiting pre-registration. People want to be inside sitting down, on the event app, and reading the summary of the first session and speaker.

How do iBeacons help?
If each registration staff member has a beacon with them, they can become a floating registration point. Each attendee can then be automatically detected as being at a registration point. Once detected, various possibilities arise. Passbook tickets can be “stamped”, secure self registration screens can be automatically be shown and attendees can be indicated as “on-site”.

How does this increase registration speed?
By verifying that an attendee is on-site, you can show a login screen for that specific event to that attendee. This means a single registration staff member can check-in various people simultaneously. In the events we’ve run using beacons, the average check-in time is reduced to less than 10 seconds per attendee.

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What is a 21st century registration process?
Similarly to the way the staff in an Apple store help you from anywhere on the shop floor is how “floating” registration staff can work at your next event. They can work in the pre-registration area (e.g. the hotel foyer) and help groups of people to register.
Once they pass into the registered areas, their logged in app can be checked at a glance, just like a badge.

How can I start?
If you want to know how we help run 21st century registration for events, ask me or one of our amazing team at and we’d be happy to walk you through a demo and send you some beacons to work with.

I look forward to hearing feedback on your experiences using beacons at your events.
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