The best way to engage your attendees after an event is by knowing what content is most relevant to them. How?

Sales Events

If you are not using an effective event app at your sales event right now, you are losing potentially hundreds of valuable pieces of information about your customers or prospects.

Registration systems capture some information about your attendees, maybe even some qualifying questions. Post event surveys capture some feedback about the event or it's content (although out of context of the event itself).

During your event, attendees are interacting and engaging with your content, presenters and staff. How are you measuring these interactions? Do you know if Attendee A was most interested in Topic B or C?

Fortune 500 companies all around the world are focussing on more efficient sales channels. One of the most valuable lead and demand generating tools is running events. Measuring the effectiveness of these events is critical to mastering them.

By using an event app that allows you to capture data about what attendees did, would allow you to know what they are interested in, what inspired them at the event and what are the best next steps you can help them take.

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