Is sending a survey after the event really the best way to get valid feedback?

Should I use TypeForm or SurveyMonkey for my event survey?

Now before I start I’ll point out I do have a bias. Eventfuel is a service that replaces post event surveys, paper or digital.

Historically the way to get feedback and measure return on your investment (ROI) in an event has been getting your attendees to fill out a feedback form at the end of the event.

This is a slow and annoying process that means everyone has to do paperwork at the end of the event.

Not only that, you (the event manager) needs to get all of those paper forms processed into digital form, so you can actually crunch the numbers.

Digital Replacement

Finding a digital solution just makes sense, you can skip a lot of the processing and there is no printing costs of the forms.

SurveyMonkey and Typeform are great at what they do. They are designed for great questionnaires, where the person answering fills it all out in one go. For most surveying scenarios, that is exactly what is required.

So what other choice do we have in events?

What is wrong?

So you’ve got a way of digitising your workflow, so you can number crunch all those feedback forms. But the poor attendee is still pretty much going through the same painful process as before. The only difference is that they now need to type their answers in on a computer or phone.

The big problem with surveys after the event is how many are relevant now? Are there questions about presentations? How long was it since they saw that presentation? Are they going to remember that thing from the first day that you are trying to get feedback about in the survey?

So, the problem is relevance. After the event is over there is going to be a sharp drop off in information retention and attendees are just going to stop caring.

The Alternative

By providing an event app for your attendees with the agenda a survey that they can see and access throughout the event, it means that attendees can answer those questions when they are most relevant.

They can provide feedback on any of the sessions, as the session is happening and be prompted to fill out more general questions in the survey throughout the event itself. Making the questions more relevant and raising the quality of those answers.

Another advantage of using an attendee app and a staff app, is that it can provide you with live results. So as data is flowing in from the attendees, staff can see relevant summaries or feedback. Allowing your event to instantly respond to improve on the day instead of “next time”.

The attendee and staff apps from

There are many event app solutions out there. The only difference is our team at Eventfuel are focussed on helping you take advantage of the tools at the right rather than just selling you an app.

Let us know about your experiences with surveys at events in the comments section below.

This was originally posted on our old blog on Sep 19, 2016

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